DNA Launches The Stable: Check Out Our Feature on Business of Home

Welcome to The Stable, an office featuring—and selling—new designers

Photo by Costas Picadas

Photo by Costas Picadas

The showroom model gets ever more complicated—and fascinating—with the launch of The Stable, a new design collective by designer Frederick McSwain and PR maven Alexandra Polier. The Stable is presenting, for the first time in New York, works from metal fabrication brand Neal Feay and Swedish furniture company Fogia.

We’ve always been looking for organic ways to show off a lot of the great design we’re seeing around the city and overseas,” Polier, who founded the marketing and PR firm DNA Strategic Consulting, tells Business of Home. “The whole idea came out of our relationship with Fogia, which is based in Stockholm. They didn’t have any presence here, and we thought there had to be a way of providing them some visibility.
— Alexandra Polier

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